SOAP, API, HTTP, XML, SQL, VCS… The list could could go on, and on, and on….

As developers, I believe we love to use short-form words. Mostly because using a bunch of them together makes us sound smarter (I joke). Really, it makes it easier to remember the long form names of the some of the many protocols, languages, standards, technologies, and much more related to web development.

Here’s a list of some common acronyms that you may have already come across, and if not, some you may be introduced to:

API — Application Programming Interface

An API essential describes how different pieces of software…

I can very vividly remember when I first got introduced to JavaScript by way of AngularJS. Researching different web development frameworks some years back, I chose AngularJS at the time as it was just beginning to gain traction in the industry, and the community was growing. Then shortly after, NodeJS, the runtime which allows JavaScript code to be run outside of the browser, also began to start gaining attention. …

If you are like me, then you appreciate how easy it is to get going with an idea in JavaScript (not Java 😊). It being an interpreted, imperative, weakly-typed language make it easy to start up a project and get in running, without seeing multiple errors in your console before your program runs.

But what happens when our codebase grows, gets bigger and more complex? This becomes a bit more cumbersome with something like JavaScript, especially coming from a traditional background of building APIs using, say, Java🙃. …

Dominic Aidoo

Web Developer by day, Programmer by night. What's the difference really? Blockchain and NodeJS enthusiast.

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